by Dance Party Boys

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Clements @ The Compound in February 2012
Ben Lomond, California


released February 6, 2012

dance party boys copyright 2012



all rights reserved


Dance Party Boys San Francisco, California

Dance Party Boys are everything the band's name suggests and much more. But don't let the name fool you, they play punk rock with a sense of danger and beauty that's been missing for far too long. Their sound has been described by some as a "full blown musical explosions that will tingle your senses". Members of Dance Party Boys have been known to operate certain types of sailing vessels. ... more

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Track Name: Sleaze
behold the divine in check out lines
from every glossy magazine
demanding to be seen
tabloid fare is all you care
you speak of them on a first name basis
the worst lame cases
who needs food when you get screwed
you're always chasing satisfaction
with more extreme reactions
you needs prose when you can pose
you're living life in 3D: dumbed down distractions

wake up
your brain is star craving
wake up
your brain is star craving
show me what you got
your brain is star craving
wake the fuck up
your brain is star craving

the lying mirror it calls you nearer
your vanity's jumped across the border
reflective surface disorder
your one decree is look at me
you're convinced it's worth reporting
all the shit that you've been snorting
the hollow stars they drive their cars
off the cliff but you don't care
you'll follow them anywhere
siren lights corrode your sight
you're speeding down a one way street
to 9-0-2-1-nowhere

the head's begun to rot
the synapses are shot
show me what you got
I said show me what you got

oh fuck yeah

wake up
your brain is star craving
wake up
your brain is star craving
show me what you got
your brain is star craving
wake the fuck up
your brain is star craving

and by the way this song's called Sleaze
next song is BatsinHauz you'll see
Track Name: BatsinHouz!!
How long
has it been
since only dust fall from our eyes
and how we lie
of our envy
of tears to cry
now even the ocean
seems in on this one
as my lips
taste the salt that they've missed
just to remind me as I die

I should have stayed ashore
cause the storm, it followed me

as I watch the freezing water rise
the jokes not lost on me
await deep breaths
Im going down
and I can’t take you with me

my best attempts
they failed
never kept you more than arm’s length
I lost track of how far I've gone
just to keep you away
but all this distance
couldn’t change a thing
1000 miles and the best disguise
it’s still a ghost I’m sleeping with

always beside those devil eyes
always beside that twisted smile on you

now im crossing almost every line

through white squalls
I recognize that twisted smile on you
Track Name: Ocean Beach Man Date
I’ll take this bullet for you
but this is the last time
we both know the truth
it was your gun
I always made the perfect target
so at least be true with your aim
finish what you started
it’s gone too far anyways

im so gone

drag me from these blurring lines
let me breathe the oceans air
theres something in the shoreline
that reminds me how to carry on
i want to forget what I feel sick to even miss
but why I can’t get over this

I love the way the sand
sticks to and covers the blood on my hands
so perfectly every time
I have to
dig up
the heart I almost forgot
how many times is this
I've lost count
at least I keep coming back around again

I try to hide from you
(cause ill just take one more bullet for you)
you make me a better target
(and I was almost getting used to it)
Why do we do the things we do
this should have stopped before it started
Track Name: Fat Cat
when more than enough is never enough
you'll waste your last days where the golden calf strays

Faust has sold you a feline disguise
you're stuffing your face with enough for nine lives
write off the crumbs you toss to the despised
the ones you're unable to see

your gilt-ridden (NOTE: this is a play on words, it sounds like 'guilt ridden' but it's gilt, meaning gold) nightmares have rendered you numb
to ghosts from the past present and yet to come
it's clear that you never check under your thumb
beyond dumb
you thought you'd get off scott free

free ride it's closing time
read the signs know it's time to pay

skin the fat cat

bribery tenders your unpleasant chores
sycophants bury your treasure off shore
reverse robin hood parasites of the poor
stealing in such revelry

but one day you'll trip on your gold cobblestones
your screams go unanswered the servants have flown
when you can't drag your carcass back up on the throne
struggle alone
no one will help you for free

free ride it's closing time
read the signs know it's time
now we all know way too much to ever let you walk
you can try to buy your way out you're in for a shock

free ride know it's time you pay

skin the fat cat